TPM (The Practical Side) : Installing MSSQL Server and .Net 3.5 in a container on Windows Server 2016 TP3 Hyper-V

Ā, upane! ka upane! A step upward, another step upward! beside write my rants on identities and everything else from time to time I like to play in the old way, that means… “all black style”. So let’s start from the facts: I’m in love with docker I am an avid reader of @frazelledazzell blog I remember the first time I saw a session of @markrussinovich in 2001 at the teched (yes I’m that old…) what does that means?

BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity):Dinosaurs, new planets and other oddities

Courtesy of: I’m working on a new  product feature, okay it’s already a news that I’m working at least for who knows me aka Mr. cappuccino all day long  but let’s be honest you’re reading my blog so chances are that you know I pretend to work and just typing randomly on the keyboard. Oh that’s sound so weird typing on a old, how useless why on earth I should type on a keyboard to write, actually why I am wasting my time in do such things?

BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity): From Identity Silos to multi-identity relationships

Megapolis is a Western deformation of the Greek word that derived from Greek: μέγας – ‘great’ and Greek: πόλις – ‘city’, therefore literally a ‘great city – wikipedia on “megalopolis” Fact: The Internet of Things is here and there’s no way to stop it. We’re going to be inundated by billions of sensors,devices,”things” and by their identities, attributes, data and everything else. It’s a fact there’s nothing right or wrong in that it’s simply a fact and we have to face it in a way or another.

BYOI (Bring You Own Identity):To serve and protect (or not?)

BYOI is a series I’ve decided to create to “talk” about #identitymanagement so it is about #security, #governance, #management and many other aspects of the #IAM realm. “We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change.” ― Henry Cloud  Tweaktown image I’m not going to write my first post of 2015 on what happened in Paris recently, neither want to introduce a new chapter on my blog post talking about politics but reading the news this morning I felt the urge to write this.

BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) : Actionable Relationships – an approach

  Relationships must be able to carry authorization data. This can enable a “thing” to act without having to go back to its back-end server to determine the context in which it can operate Ian Glazer “The Laws of Relationships (A Work In Progress)” – This post has been written with solely purpose of catch my always disconnected thoughts over the things I read and, in this case, related to IRM and Ian’s “Law’s”